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Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area and Volume

Volume of Cones Exercises

Example 1

Find the volume of the oblique cone.

Example 2

Find the volume of the solid.

Example 3

The solid is a section of a cone. Find its volume.

Example 4

Your little sister wants to dress up as a fairy for Halloween and she needs you to go shopping with her. At the store, she finds this fairy hat in the shape of a cone and wants you to pay for it. You can't help imagining filling the hat with ice-cold water and dumping it on her. If the circumference of the hat's base is 18 inches, how much water would you dump on her?

Example 5

The world's largest double-sided pencil is perfectly cylindrical with the tips taking the shapes of identical cones on both ends. If wood weighs 50 pounds per cubic foot, how heavy is the pencil? Assume the pencil is made entirely of wood.