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Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area and Volume

Volume of Cylinders Exercises

Example 1

What's the volume of a cylinder with a base diameter of 10 mm and a height of 3.5 mm?

Example 2

If the total volume of this figure is 788,500 cubic feet, then how tall is the cylindrical tower?

Example 3

You built a Pacman-shaped piggybank out of a 1 ft × 1 ft block of wood in your woodshop class. In cubic feet, how much room does your Pacman piggybank have for coins?

Example 4

You have 700 jellybeans. (Yes, you counted them all because it was more fun than doing your geometry homework.) You're given a cylindrical cup with a radius of 3 inches and a height of 10 inches. If each jellybean is about 0.5 cubic inches in volume, will you be able to fit all the jellybeans into the cup? If not, how many will be left over?

Example 5

This rectangular prism has an oblique cylinder cut out of it. Find the volume of the solid if the diameter of the cylinder is 20 m, the base of the prism is a square with side length 40 m, and the length of the prism is 115 m.