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Syrinx Photos

    Before She Was Reeds
    What a loss! [The Syrinx by Arthur Hacker, 1892]

    Pan + Eros = Trouble
    Why couldn't Eros just leave Syrinx out of his evil games? [The Struggle Between Eros and Pan by Francesco Mancini]

    Inaccurate Picture
    There's no way she looked this happy while Pan was chasing her. [Pan and Syrinx by Peter Paul Rubens, 1617-1619]

    Noble Naiads
    Praise these river nymphs for their mercy. [Pan and Syrinx by Michel Dorigny, 1657]

    So What?
    Who cares if he was sad that Syrinx turned into reeds to escape him? He turned her into a flute! [Pan in the Reeds by Arnold Böcklin, 1858]

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