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Syrinx Sightings

  • Metamorphoses by Ovid 2

    You'll find the whole sad story of Syrinx and Pan in this mega-influential collection of myth-y poems.

  • Dionysiaca by Nonnus 401 - 500

    Get the low down on Syrinx's unfortunate transformation in this ancient poem.

  • Silenus by Thomas Woolner 1884

    In this riff on the ancient myth, Syrinx is the lover of Silenus, the satyr, and turns into reeds in order to remain faithful to her love.

  • "Syrinx (La Flute da Pan)" by Claude Debussy 1913

    Any flautist worth his or her flute has got to be able to play this famous solo inspired by Pan's sadness over Syrinx's transformation.

  • Pan and Syrinx by Carl Nielson 1918

    This "symphonic poem" is inspired by the myth of Pan and Syrinx. (We bet you guessed that from the title.)

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