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Syrinx's Wall


Hey everybody, I'm just setting up this account in honor of Syrinx. She was a beautiful hamadryad who didn't deserve what she got.

Thanks for this, Lady Artemis. Speaking as another nymph who got chased to her death, I really sympathize with Syrinx.

Much appreciated, Eurydice.


How come I don't get a memorial page, huh?

Because unlike Syrinx, you broke your vows of chastity.


I was duped by Zeus!

There's no excuse.


Just want to say how glad I am to see this page up. I miss Syrinx every day, and that's the truth.

How dare you post here, you foul little goat!



Hey, I loved her, okay? Every time I play my pan flute made of her reeds, I think of her.

Your flute isn't made of "her reeds." It's made of her, you sicko. You made it out of the reeds she turned into.


Beautiful music is a better tribute than this silly page if you ask me.

No one asked you.

Why don't we make this the Daphne and Syrinx memorial page?

Brother, I don't think it's appropriate for you to post here.

Don't give me attitude.

You're just as bad as Pan. You chased poor Daphne until she turned into a laurel tree to escape you.

Eros made me do it.


Hmmmmm, maybe I should've used the old "Eros made me do it" defense.

likes this.

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