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Systems of Equations and Inequalities Introduction

Like any superhero of worth, Shmoop has acquired a nemesis or two over the years. Now our old adversaries are starting to team up to try and take us down. We've tangled with systems of equations before, and we've also deftly dealt with inequalities, but can we take both on at once? The answer is, "Of course." Shmoop doesn't back down from a math challenge.

Even if we succeed, though, an even greater threat is coming: systems of equations with three variables. It's a good thing we're going to practice graphing and solving two-variable equations first. We've gotta learn to juggle with two flaming torches before we can throw in that third one.

Whether we're dealing with an equality or an inequality, two or three variables, we'll swoop in and save the day, giving you quality advice for getting the right answer, easy-peasy.

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