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A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities


1. What are the famous first lines? -> "Call me Ishmael"
2. It was the age of wisdom but it was also the age of -> Foolishness
3. The first chapter is a(n) -> Guidebook of the times, like Lonely Planet
4. There are two countries shown in this novel. They are -> Argentina and Venezuela
5. If the Marquis were an object in your house, he would be the -> Big screen television
6. Lucie's appearance is -> Angelic
7. If Miss Pross were an animal fighting on Lucie's behalf, she would be a -> Weazel
8. Charles looks like -> Sydney
9. Mr. Lorry has great concern for his office which could be called -> Stodgy
10. Madame Defarge is -> A piece of work
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