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The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew


by William Shakespeare

Christopher Sly Timeline and Summary

  • Induction.1.1: Sly argues with the tavern Hostess about some broken glasses and calls her a whore. He refuses to pay for the damage he's caused.
  • Induction.1. 4: Sly passes out cold in front of the tavern. The Lord comes along and decides to play a joke on Sly.
  • Induction.1.5: The Lord orders his men to carry Sly to his estate and dress him up like a nobleman.
  • Induction.2.1: Sly appears in a bedroom at the Lord's estate and demands a "pot of small ale" (cheap beer). He insists that he is Christopher Sly the beggar, not a nobleman.
  • Induction.2.3: Sly is convinced that he is Lord.
  • Induction.2.5: Sly believes events from his real life were nothing but a dream.
  • Induction.2.9: Sly is attracted to the boy pretending to be his wife and tries to get Bart into bed. He's shot down.
  • Induction.2.12: In the bedroom, Sly agrees to watch the traveling actors perform the inset play.
  • 1.1.1: We learn Sly has dozed off during the performance. He wakes up and says he really likes the play – when will it be over? (Note: This is the last time we hear from Sly. Has he fallen asleep again? Are we missing some pages from Shakespeare's manuscript? It's not clear.)