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by Edward Bloor

 Table of Contents

Tangerine Characters

Meet the Cast

Paul Fisher

It's weird—Paul Fisher is the main character in Tangerine, but he doesn't feel like the main character in his own life. His big brother Erik is the star of the family, and his parents spend most...

Erik Fisher

Pay attention, Shmoopers: Erik Fisher is an example of what happens when parents don't teach their kids right from wrong. He was already headed for trouble in 5th grade, when he and his buddy vanda...

Mrs. Fisher

Big house, nice lawn, matching mailboxes: what more does a family need? If you're Mrs. Fisher, the answer is—not much. Certainly not praise or unconditional love. But how bad is she, really?Does...

Mr. Fisher

Paul's dad is unabashedly living vicariously through Erik. The Erik Fisher Football Dream is actually the Mr. Fisher Football Dream. He goes around telling everyone he's "always regretted not being...

Joey Costello

Joey is Paul's first friend at Lake Windsor Middle School, and their friendship gets off to a good start. When lightening kills his brother Mike, Paul helps him through it. Paul is the one he share...

Luis Cruz

Close your eyes. Now, imagine a big brother who is the complete opposite of Erik.Meet Luis Cruz. Luis Cruz is Tino and Theresa's big brother. He had dedicated his life to his beloved tangerine grov...

Minor Characters—Kids

Arthur BauerArthur is Erik's sidekick and partner in crime. When Erik first arrives in town, he was going nowhere fast on the football team. He saw an opportunity to ride in on Erik's coattails, an...

Minor Characters—Adults

Coach Betty BrightBetty Bright, the Tangerine soccer coach, had a promising track and field career until she was hurt in a race (in her eye, where else?), and then missed the Olympics due to the 19...
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