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by Edward Bloor
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Tangerine Family Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

As usual when Erik appears, the attention switched from me to him. (1.3.24)

Hmmm…we wonder if this is because of his parents, or because of Erik himself? Is this a case of parents favoring a kid, of a kid just sucking up all the attention?

Quote #2

Dad […] was halfway out the door, and he did not look happy. He was lecturing Mom. (1.4.3)

Wow, great example to set for the kiddos! These boys are definitely going to grow up into good marriage material. Not.

Quote #3

So there I sat […]—Erik Fisher's younger brother, Eclipse Boy, visually impaired and totally incapable of following in his brother's footsteps. (1.6.11)

But would Paul even want to follow in mean ol' Erik's footsteps? He hates football; he's not a psychopath; and, oh yeah, he's his own person. It looks like families can stifle individuality.

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