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by Edward Bloor
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Tangerine Identity Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

He seems a pretty decent guy, for a football player. But who knows? He's bound to change, in one way or another, once he gets caught up inside the Erik Fisher Football Dream. (1.3.40)

Paul's the one who came up with that phrase. Does that tell you more about Erik, Mr. Fisher, or Paul?

Quote #2

Erik's arrival is going to change the football season at Lake Windsor High School. […] So what about me? Will I make the difference between winning and losing for the middle school's soccer team? (1.4.1)

Here's the thing: Paul isn't asking if he'll help the team win. He's asking if he'll make the difference. In other words—he thinks he might just help them lose. It's looking too good for Paul's self-confidence.

Quote #3

"Are you a soccer fan?" "I'm a soccer player," I corrected her. (1.4.45)

Oh, he's a player! Did anyone tell Kerri? Okay, sorry…

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