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by Edward Bloor
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Tangerine Memory and the Past Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

An old familiar feeling came over me, like I had forgotten something. What was it? What did I need to remember? (Prologue. 1.10)

Paul knows that he's forgotten something—but he can't remember what it is. Maybe that's why he accepts the story he's been told about the eclipse.

Quote #2

"You're remembering all the good times you had here, aren't you?" (Prologue.1.27)

Um, hello, what family are you from, Mrs. Fisher? Good times? This is a pretty leading question—and we're not sure that Paul can even come up with one good time.

Quote #3

I expected to hear something about Mike over the loudspeaker, but the only announcement they read was about reduced tickets to a carnival. […] No "Pray for Mike Costello" (1.11.3)

Any normal school would have grief counselors on hand, and encourage students to talk about the death. But not Lake Windsor. Would Tangerine Middle School?

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