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by Edward Bloor
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Tangerine Part 1, Chapter 7 Summary

Wednesday, August 30

  • Paul is up in his room, listening to Erik and his new bud, Arthur Bauer, practice place-kicking in the backyard.
  • Arthur's sister, Paige, and his girlfriend, Tina, are out there too, doing homework.
  • Arthur is becoming Erik's flunky—he's trying to worm his way into Mike Costello's job of holder on placekicks, and Paul can see that he'd do pretty much anything to get it.
  • One thing he does is take Erik mud-running in his Land Cruiser, on the dirt road behind the development's wall.
  • Because Erik Fisher doesn't drive. Erik Fisher is driven. As Paul puts it, "Tell me that isn't strange" (1.7.10).
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