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Tangerine Part 1, Chapter 9 Summary Page 1

Friday, September 1

  • After class, Paul and Joey head out to the soccer field for tryouts.
  • They see Gino Deluca and Tommy Acoso practicing, and Paul realizes that this team will have some great players, after all.
  • Coach Walski congratulates everyone on making the team (huh?), and then explains that while they'll all get uniforms and come to practices, only fifteen of them will actually get to go to away games (ohhhh).
  • Paul gets his space goggles on and heads over to the goal, where another kid is playing goalie.
  • The new team captain, Gino, tells him to move so Paul can try.
  • Paul blocks every single shot, and Gino's impressed. Even though the coach didn't see it, he knows he's made it onto the "away" team. Woohoo!
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