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by Edward Bloor

Tangerine Part 2, Chapter 10 Summary

Friday, September 29

  • Joey doesn't come to practice this time, but a newspaper reporter does.
  • Paul's mom had actually called the paper to tell them about the girls on the team!
  • Mr. Donnelly, the reporter, asks Coach Bright if he can talk to Maya and Shandra, but when Shandra hears, she takes off running into the school.
  • Victor quickly introduces himself to the photographer instead, and hams it up for the cameraman—preventing him from going after Shandra.
  • Coach Bright wants the news crew to leave, but they insist on getting the girls' names.
  • So the coach gives them Maya's info, but tells them Shandra doesn't want any publicity.
  • When they finally leave, Coach Bright pulls Shandra out of her hiding place, and practice resumes.
  • When the newspaper comes out, there's no story. Just a mislabeled picture. Super.

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