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by Edward Bloor

Tangerine Part 3, Chapter 13 Summary

Monday, December 4

  • Paul and his mom head to his school early for the meeting.
  • His mom goes in first, and Theresa shows up.
  • Paul gives her the finished tangerine report, and she starts crying. She yells at him for getting himself in trouble.
  • The principal calls him into her office, where he finds out that Tino and Victor have been suspended for three weeks for fighting.
  • But since Paul attacked a teacher, he has been expelled from all public schools in the county. He will have to finish the year at a private school.
  • As he and his mom walk out of the building, all the kids outside start patting him on the back, and showing him their support.
  • His mom is scared, but he gives them a thumbs-up.
  • Mrs. Fisher drives him to the mall to buy him some new clothes, and when he gets home, he bags up all his old stuff to give to Goodwill.

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