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by Molière

Dorine Timeline and Summary

  • Dorine attempts to convince Madame Pernelle that Tartuffe is a hypocrite. She fails.
  • Dorine gives Cléante a detailed account of Tartuffe's offenses.
  • When Orgon arrives, Dorine tells him about Elmire's recent illness. He only wants to know about Tartuffe, however.
  • Dorine interrupts Orgon just as he's about to force Mariane to marry Tartuffe. By constantly insulting him and interrupting him, she forces him to leave the room without finishing his business.
  • Dorine reprimands Mariane, asking her how she could be so spineless. She questions her commitment to Valère, and is especially annoyed when Mariane becomes depressed and suggests she'd rather just kill herself.
  • Eventually, she starts teasing Mariane, telling her how great a husband Tartuffe will make, how he'll take her to his wonderfully awful hometown full of oddballs and rejects.
  • When Dorine threatens to leave the room, Mariane begs her to stay, and begins to despair once more.
  • Dorine finally relents and agrees to help her out.
  • After Valère enters, Dorine watches as he and Mariane get into an argument. Just as they are about to part ways, angry and sad, Dorine forces them to kiss and make up.
  • She tells the lovers that they need to get down to business and figure out how to stop Orgon from going through with his plan.
  • She tells Mariane to stall the marriage as long as possible by faking sick, claiming to see bad omens, etc. She tells Valère to head out and tell his friends about what's happened, in order that they might ask Orgon to change his mind.
  • She and Mariane head off to get the help of Elmire and Cléante.
  • Dorine speaks to Damis about the recent developments, and warns him to calm down.
  • Elmire, she says, is going to have a chat with Tartuffe.
  • Damis hides in a closet despite Dorine's protestations.
  • When Tartuffe enters the room, he tells Dorine to cover her chest; he thinks she's dressed indecently. Dorine tells him that he shouldn't be so easily affected by the sight of women.
  • Dorine lets Tartuffe know that Elmire is on her way, then exits the room.
  • Dorine, accompanied by Mariane, tells Cléante and Elmire that Mariane is at the end of her rope, and begs them to help her come up with a solution.
  • Dorine mocks Orgon when he is unable to convince Madame Pernelle that Tartuffe is a fraud.
  • Monsieur Loyal threatens to call the police on Dorine when she makes a snide comment.
  • Dorine mocks Madame Pernelle when she finally realizes that Tartuffe is a fraud.