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Taweret (Opet)

Taweret (Opet)

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Taweret (Opet) Photos

Hathor, Coming Through!
Hathor wanted to get out of the field, so I went out in front with a candle to scare off the crocodiles. Nobody's eating my buddy while I'm near the river! [Image of Sokar-Osiris, Taweret, and Hathor from the Papyrus of Ani. Late New Kingdom/Dynasty 19 (ca. 1275BCE)]

From the Hippo Fan Club
Somebody put my picture in their scrapbook from a museum trip. Isn't that cute? [Photo of Taweret statue (ancient), currently in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York]

It's Magic Time
Here's an image of me getting to work on the bottom of a scarab-shaped amulet created for protection magic. My left arm's a little bit long. Maybe the artist was just trying to show that I'm working hard? [Drawing of a carved scarab of Taweret, Third Intermediate Period (ca. 1070-736BCE)]

Protecting the Sky
All the gods of the northern sky are hanging out. Here's me with my crocodile hat, standing behind the Big Dipper (that big bull in front of us). [Drawing of a zodiacal image in the tomb of Seti I, late New Kingdom/Dynasty 19, (ca. 1260BCE)]

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