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Taxes Introduction

Taxes. Nobody likes them. Everybody pays them. But do you really understand them?

Read on for our breakdown of the entire US tax system: How do federal taxes differ from state and local taxes? What makes a tax progressive or regressive? What principle should guide who has to pay how much of the tax burden, and why? Which taxes are best, and which are worst, for the health of the economy? Learn how to talk like a taxman by mastering our glossary of taxes terms.

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  • Do all governments collect the same type of tax?
  • What sorts of taxes are collected by the federal government?
  • Why do we tax the things that we do?
Play Our Taxes Game

So, you think it's easy to make the big decisions? Take your turn in the hot seat.

The situation: You're the governor of a state facing a stomach-turning budget crisis. You have no choice but to raise taxes. Can you save the state budget without getting tarred and feathered? Good luck with that!

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