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Taxonomy: We Hear You're a Fungi True or False

1. Who was the first person (that we know of) to start classifying plants and animals? -> Linnaeus
2. Which was the first kingdom to be added after the microscope was invented in ~1600 A.D.? -> Bacteria
3. Which characteristics would be most helpful in determining the correct domain and kingdom for an organism? -> All of the above
4. Species A and B share a trait with their most recent common ancestor. That trait is a -> None of the above
5. Phototrophs cannot live in which environment? -> Caves
6. A housekeeping gene commonly used in molecular systematics encodes -> Hemoglobin
7. Archaea can be found living in -> Hot springs
8. Yogurt has live bacteria in it. Your doctor might suggest that you eat yogurt regularly while taking antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection. This would help -> Repopulate the good bacteria in your gut.
9. Most individuals of which kingdom can reproduce both asexually and sexually? -> Fungi
10. Which characteristic is only found among members of Kingdom Animalia? -> The presence of organ systems