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Taxonomy: Staph Only True or False

1. The first person to introduce a detailed hierarchical system for classifying organisms (made of kingdoms, classes, orders, families, genera, and species) was -> Linnaeus
2. What can plants do that fungi can't that helped fungi to be moved into their own kingdom? -> Absorb water
3. EvoDevo is -> The study of animal development as it relates to evolution
4. Heterotrophs ultimately rely on       to create organic molecules. -> None of the above
5. Which types of behavior could help you taxonomically categorize an organism? -> Eating
6. A phylogenetic tree is -> A family tree for a group of organisms
7. Which chronological order correctly represents biologists' current best guess for the evolutionary succession of the kingdoms? -> Protista > Archaea > Bacteria > Plantae > Fungi > Animalia
8. Which characteristic does not describe any of the protists? -> Prokaryotic
9. Organisms of which kingdom never form spores? -> Archaea
10. All members of which kingdom have roots? -> None of the above