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Taxonomy: Clade You're Here to Take This True or False

1. Whose work in genetics ultimately provided Darwin's theory of evolution with the mechanism it needed? -> Mendel
2. Which domain was not proposed by Carl Woese? -> Bacteria
3. Birds and mammals are both warm-blooded but their most recent common ancestor was not. Therefore, warm-bloodedness is an example of -> Evolutionary developmental biology
4. All of the organisms within a clade share a      . -> Common ancestor
5. Molecular systematics has changed our understanding of various -> Evolutionary relationships
6. Besides having a nucleus, eukaryotes also have an advantage over prokaryotes because they (usually) -> Have other organelles
7. The presence and molecular make-up of an organism's cell walls is a good way to classify it in the right -> Family
8. Which kingdom contains organisms of all 4 metabolic types? -> Bacteria
9. Which is not an evolutionary adaptation developed by some plants? -> Endothermy
10. Sharks, crocodiles and whales are all -> Protostomes