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by J.D. Salinger

Bob Nicholson Timeline and Summary

  • Teddy reveals that same man – who later we find out is Nicholson – sits next to his family in the dining room and found Teddy in the gym. It seems that he's heard one of Teddy's tapes.
  • On the sun deck, Bob Nicholson finds Teddy and starts talking about the weather.
  • He and Teddy discuss emotions and poetry.
  • Nicholson wants to talk about the professors that Teddy left "disturbed" in Boston, but Teddy defers the topic.
  • Nicholson asks about Teddy's previous incarnation, then inquires how one gets out of the finite dimensions, as Teddy claims he can do.
  • Bob returns to the issue of the professors in Boston. Finally he gets Teddy to talk about it.
  • After Teddy supposes what his death might look like, Nicholson points out that Teddy's parents would certainly feel terrible about it, even if Teddy didn't care.
  • However, Nicholson does seem to take to heart Teddy's response which is belittling the importance of death.
  • Nicholson, again delaying Teddy's departure for his swimming lesson, wants to engage Teddy in a discussion of the education system.
  • After Teddy departs, Nicholson sits alone for a few minutes before quickly getting up and heading to the ship's pool. Just before he enters the pool room, he hears a scream coming from a small child, reverberating between four tiled walls.