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Teddy Love Quotes

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Quote #1

Finished tying his sneaker lace, Teddy perfunctorily gave his mother a kiss on the cheek. She in turn brought her left arm out from under the sheet, as if bent on encircling Teddy's waist with it, but by the time she had got it out from under, Teddy had moved on. (2.29)

This is not the first time Teddy avoids physical contact with his mother. His detachment from his parents is later explained in his conversation with Nicholson.

Quote #2

From the opposite end, a huge, blond woman in a starched white uniform was coming toward him, carrying a vase of long-stemmed, red roses. As she passed Teddy, she put out her left hand and grazed the top of his head with it, saying, "Somebody needs a haircut!" Teddy passively looked up from his newspaper, but the woman had passed, and he didn't look back. (3.1)

Teddy sure has the social detachment thing down pat. It seems that he has, as he later claims to Nicholson, conquered the impulse to indulge in emotions.

Quote #3

Teddy glanced briefly, objectively, at Myron. (3.17)

Objectivity is indeed an important word for Teddy. He doesn't seem to have strong opinions, positive or negative, toward anyone in this story.

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