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by J.D. Salinger

Teddy Youth Quotes

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Quote #1

Teddy turned around at the waist, without changing the vigilant position of his feet on the Gladstone, and gave his father a look of inquiry, whole and pure. (1.4)

The child-adult contrast between Teddy and his father is something we see over and over again in the works of Salinger. The child is wise and pure, while the adult foolish and corrupt.

Quote #2

During this little exchange, Teddy had faced around and resumed looking out of the porthole. "We passed the Queen Mary at three-thirty-two this morning, going the other way, if anybody's interested," he said slowly. "Which I doubt." (2.1)

This, Teddy's first line of dialogue, manages to express both youth-like curiosity (he's interested in the ship they passed) and adult-like acceptance (he knows that his parents don't care, but it doesn't bother him).

Quote #3

His voice was oddly and beautifully rough cut, as some small boys' voices are. Each of his phrasings was rather like a little ancient island, inundated by a miniature sea of whiskey. (2.1)

This is already the second time the author has used the word "beauty" to describe Teddy. There is definitely a sense of authorial reverence for the main character here.

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