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The Tempest

The Tempest

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The Tempest Contrasting Regions Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

BOATSWAIN When the sea is. Hence! What cares theseroarers for the name of king? To cabin! silence! trouble us not. (1.1.5)

In nature, none of the rules apply from the court. Court members must adjust to the fact that nature is the great equalizer.

Quote #2

PROSPERO So dry he was for sway wi' th' King of NaplesTo give him annual tribute, do him homage,  Subject his coronet to his crown and bendThe dukedom yet unbow'd (alas, poor Milan!)To most ignoble stooping. (1.2.13)

Even when he was within the bounds of the court, Prospero saw there were certain formalities that were below him. It's not that the island alone influences Prospero to embrace a certain amount of natural dignity, but by his nature he was always a powerful and proud man.

Quote #3

CALIBANThis island's mine, by Sycorax my mother,Which thou takest from me. When thou camest first,Thou strokedst me and madest much of me, wouldst give meWater with berries in't, and teach me how  To name the bigger light, and how the less,That burn by day and night: and then I loved theeAnd show'd thee all the qualities o' the isle,The fresh springs, brine-pits, barren place and fertile:Cursed be I that did so! All the charms  Of Sycorax, toads, beetles, bats, light on you!For I am all the subjects that you have,Which first was mine own king: and here you sty meIn this hard rock, whiles you do keep from meThe rest o' the island. (1.2.3)

In the rules of the court, Prospero would never have taken in Caliban this way – nor would Caliban do him service out of love (instead of duty). Initially, the rules of the courtly world were suspended on the island.

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