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The Tempest The Divine Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Act.Scene.Line). Line numbers correspond to the 2008 Norton edition.

Quote #7

If thou be'st a
man, show thyself in thy likeness. If thou be'st a
devil, take 't as thou list.
O, forgive me my sins! (3.2.140-143)

Stefano and Trinculo are influenced by the magic of the island to think they are beyond the realm of their own morality. Stefano agreed to murder Prospero, but a sign that seemed divine was enough to shake him out of his foolishness. This illustrates the fact that divinity can't be forgotten just because there's magic afoot.

Quote #8

Then, as my gift and thine own acquisition
Worthily purchased take my daughter. But
If thou dost break her virgin-knot before 
All sanctimonious ceremonies may
With full and holy rite be ministered,
No sweet aspersion shall the heavens let fall
To make this contract grow; but barren hate,
Sour-eyed disdain and discord shall bestrew 
The union of your bed with weeds so loathly
That you shall hate it both. Therefore take heed,
As Hymen's lamps shall light you. (4.1.14-24)

Though Prospero has succeeded in bringing Ferdinand and Miranda together by magic, their union is not in any way meaningful until it is recognized by holy rites and ceremonies. Religious traditions and what they stand for are as important, if not more important, than the practical accomplishments of magic.

Quote #9

Let me live here ever. 
So rare a wondered father and a wise
Makes this place paradise. (4.1.137-139)

Man, Wife, and Father in Paradise, eh? Miranda and Ferdinand seem to stand in for the first pair of true lovers, and they do bring a new hope to all those on the island we thought were lost. Maybe this is an Adam-and-Eve thing?

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