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The Tempest

The Tempest

Freedom and Confinement Quotes Page 3

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

Might I but through my prison once a day
Behold this maid: all corners else o' the earth
Let liberty make use of; space enough
Have I in such a prison. (1.2.10)

Although Prospero has made a big show of bullying Ferdinand, the prince insists that as long as he can see Miranda, he's free enough.  That's kind of sweet but also a little scary, don't you think?

Quote #8

I'll swear upon that bottle to be thy true subject;
or the liquor is not earthly. (2.2.7)

Caliban, thinking that Stefano must be a god, misjudges Stefano's power. As Caliban is stuck in Prospero's service, because he knows no one more powerful, Caliban sees Stefano as an advocate and something of a savior. This isn't Caliban being malicious; rather he is naïve and hopeful about freedom.

Quote #9

I'll show thee every fertile inch o' th' island;
And I will kiss thy foot: I prithee, be my god. (2.2.11)

What compels Caliban to go from servitude to servitude? Why does he offer to be Stefano's slave, though Stefano does not ask it of him?