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The Tempest: Oh, What Tempers True or False

1. What is a tempest? -> Big storm
2. Prospero might be a stand-in for -> Hawthorne
3. Prospero is an aging -> Computer repairman
4. The big tempest in The Tempest refers to tempests in other Shakespearean plays. Which plays? -> Macbeth
5. Which other evildoers remind us of Antonio? -> All of the above
6. Prospero is obsessed with controlling his daughter's -> Sex life
7. "The great globe itself" refers to -> That big blue, green, and brown ball in many classrooms
8. Which book came from Miranda's speech, "O brave new world, that has such people in it!"? -> The Great Gatsby
9. What words can you use to talk about Prospero? -> Relaxed
10. Gonzalo is cool because he -> Looks at the silver lining