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Tender is the Night

Tender is the Night


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tender is the Night Book One, Chapter Fifteen Summary

  • In the cab on the way back to the hotel, Rosemary asks Dick what they were talking about at dinner. He tells her he is a "doctor of medicine," which thrills her, as her father was a doctor.
  • She wants to know why he isn’t practicing, and he says there was no scandal or anything, he just isn’t working now, but might in the future.
  • She says she loves him and Nicole so much. (He’s heard it before so many times.)
  • They kiss and she says she doesn’t want him anymore.
  • He says she’s mean (but in a nice way), and that she’s a born actress, always playing a role. He kisses her again but isn’t really into it. He kisses her again and gets cold from how childlike her kiss is.
  • When they get to the hotel she wants him to sleep with her. He says no, and asks if she’s thinking of Nicole at all.
  • She says Nicole won’t find out. He says he loves Nicole. Rosemary says they should do it and then she’ll split town.
  • He continues to refuse. She cries and he leaves.
  • She wants him badly and brushes her hair for a long time.

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