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Tender is the Night

Tender is the Night


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tender is the Night Book One, Chapter Twenty-One Summary

  • Dick waits for 45 minutes and then attracts a shady character who sells newspapers to Americans at high prices.
  • Dick figures he’s missed Rosemary and goes to call her hotel, breathing raggedly.
  • She answers and he tells her that he’s all worked up over her. They exchange mutual desire to be together, but the narrative doesn’t say whether they make a date.
  • He thinks, "it’s impossible," and walks away.
  • Rosemary goes back to writing to her mom. Apparently she’s fallen in love with a director (though hasn’t stopped loving Dick) and wants to go back to the states ASAP.
  • Next thing we are told is that Dick gives Nicole a call at 6pm to invite her to a play. It’s not revealed whether he went to Rosemary’s or not.
  • They knocked on Rosemary’s door to invite her, but she doesn’t answer.

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