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Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Tess of the D'Urbervilles


by Thomas Hardy

Angel Clare Timeline and Summary

  • Angel sees Tess on the village green, but doesn't dance with her.
  • He decides to become a farmer, since his doubts about organized religion make him hesitant about becoming a minister like his father.
  • Angel goes from farm to farm to get practical experience before buying his own farm.
  • He's spending the year at Talbothays Dairy to learn about dairy farming when he meets Tess.
  • They fall in love, and he persuades her to marry him.
  • On their wedding night, Tess tells him about her past.
  • He's horrified that the real Tess should be so different from his idealized, spiritualized version of her.
  • He leaves her at her parents' house to go figure things out on his own.
  • While he's in Brazil, he gets very sick and almost dies, and realizes just how wrong he was about Tess.
  • He finally gets back to England, where he receives Tess's letters begging him to come to her.
  • He catches up with her in Sandbourne, where she has already become Alec's mistress.
  • He leaves her hotel in despair.
  • She catches up with him, and tells him that she's murdered Alec.
  • They run away together to escape the authorities.
  • He manages to hide her for several days, but they're finally caught at Stonehenge, and Tess is arrested.
  • He lingers outside the prison in the county capitol of Wintoncester with Tess's younger sister, 'Liza-Lu, as Tess is executed.