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Test Prep Express

Five minutes a day toward a new future.

Stressed about college entrance exams?
In just five minutes a day with our video prep...
You'll be ready for anything!*
Sound pretty good?


Shmoop's video workout will not prepare you for a zombie apocalypse.
(But it won't not prepare you, either.)

Watch videos on my phone? This Test Prep is light-years ahead.

How does this work?

1.You'll pick the the test(s) that you want to crush: SAT, ACT, or CAHSEE.
2.We'll send you an email daily with three videos that are tailored to your Test Prep needs.
3.You'll watch the videos in the convenience of your own home/school/bus/circus tent.
4.You'll take your test(s).
5.You'll rock it/them/the world.
6.You'll thank us in your Nobel Prize/Oscar/Inauguration speech.
Do your eyes glaze over at the idea of reading another Test Prep review?
Do you need to devote your free hours to beating the latest levels of Super Mario?
Do you need to get into college and, you know, have a future?
If you answered yes, yes, and gee willikers yes, then Shmoop's Five-Minute Test Prep Express is what you need in order to get your brain pumped and future started.
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