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Tevye the Dairyman

Tevye the Dairyman


by Sholem Aleichem

Tevye the Dairyman: Quiz 5: Did You Follow the Plot? Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Tevye the Dairyman? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Who gets caught canoodling in the forest?

Tevye and Golde
Hodl and Perchik
Tzeitl and Motl
Menachem-Mendl. It's extra embarrassing because he's all alone.
Q. How does Tevye strike it rich?

Reward money for bringing two lost ladies home
Bounty money for finally bringing in Billy the Kid
Profit from his wood cutting business
Investment income from his stockbroker Menachem-Mendl
Q. How does the family react to Chava's marriage?

Urges her to file for divorce
By totally forgetting to buy a gift. Oh, man, I just remembered, guests have like a year or something, right?
Celebrates with cheese blintzes
Acts like she is dead
Q. What does Tevye imagine when Podhotsur summons him?

Podhotsur and Beilke are asking him to move in.
Podhotsur and Beilke are about to have a baby.
Podhotsur wants to make him his business partner
Podhotsur is secretly a woman.
Q. What does Tevye ask Sholem Aleichem to do with his story?

Never publish it
Shred it and eat it
Publish it in parts, like that one guy Dickens always used to do
Send it to the heads of all the major superpowers