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Tevye the Dairyman

Tevye the Dairyman


by Sholem Aleichem

Tevye the Dairyman: Quiz 1: Quotes (What Was Said) Quiz True or False

1. Who is surprisingly wearing "shabby clothes, patched in many places, the shoes almost worn through" despite talking a big game about big money? -> Menachem-Mendl
2. When Lazer-Wolf is talking about Tzeitl, what does Tevye think he's talking about? -> A cow
3. Whom does Tevye keep comparing himself with? -> The tsar
4. When Tevye asks him "Who are you?," what does the smart-aleck Perchik answer? -> "Who am I? I am a person."
5. When Tevye tells his customers "One of my calves died," who is he really talking about? -> His wife, Golde