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Thanatos Photos

    Sleep: My Awesome Brother
    Hypnos is the only god that really understands me. That's what brothers are for, I guess. [Sleep and his brother death by John William Waterhouse, 1874]

    War Heroes
    Everybody thought it was awesome when Hypnos and I helped rescue Sarpedon's body back in the Trojan War. [Sleep and Death carrying away Sarpedon of Lycia by Heinrich Fussli, 1803]

    Wardrobe Malfunction
    If I'd known the back of my robe was open, I wouldn't have posed for this picture. [Thanatos by Jacek Maleczewski, 1898-1899]

    Am I Really This Scary Looking?
    Really? [Thanatos II by Jacek Maleczewski, 1899]

    Okay, I Look Pretty Cool in This One
    I think I'm going to make this one my profile pic. [Thanatos I by Jacek Maleczewski, 1898]

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