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Thanatos's Wall



Hey bro, want to come over for a little siesta this afternoon?

I love you, bro, but I've got too much work to do. No time for naps. You should be out here helping me.


Okay, okay, just let me get a little shut eye, and I'll see you soon.

Very disappointed by this year's Psychopomp of the Year Award.

Ha! Maybe you shouldn't have screwed up that whole Sisyphus thing so badly!

I wasn't the only one! He fooled Persephone too.

How stupid can you be? You seriously fell for the old, "Oh, why don't
you try on these chains before you put them on me" trick.

Yeah well, not all of us are as low down and devious as you. I bet you taught Sisyphus all his wily ways. I bet you set me up.

Such bitterness is truly unbecoming.

I can't believe Zeus uses you for his messenger. You are a disgrace to 
all of the gods.

Guess the Psychopomp of the Year committee doesn't think I'm a disgrace.

It's a popularity contest. It makes me sick.

Yeah well, maybe you should be more popular.

I'm Death! How am I ever going to win a popularity contest?

I do wish Hypnos had shown up for work today.


Whoa, sorry bro. I just woke up.

Well, I'm going to take a couple hours to go hang out with Charon at the Elysian Casino tonight. You want to hang out?


You're going to hang out with that old coot?

I have Facebook too, jerk! And I'm your brother. How can you talk about me like that?


Yo, sorry! I'll buy you some ambrosia, and we can forget about the whole thing. Let me just take a little nap, and then...


My wings are still sore from where Heracles assaulted me.

Sorry, little dude, all in a day's work for the hero of heroes.

Mmhm, did you happen to notice how your death was horribly painful?

Yeah, it wasn't too cool when all my skin melted off my body and all.

I'm the god of peaceful death. Did you notice that I wasn't around to
make sure yours was painless?

Yeah, it sucked, but they made me a god so whatevs.

I hate being me.

Where were you Hypnos?!!


Dude, I am so sorry.

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