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The Author to Her Book Trivia

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

Know any writers whose houses burned down? Well now you do. The Bradstreet house burned down, leaving Anne and her family homeless and possession-less. Bradstreet eventually wrote a poem about it that you can read here. (Source.)

Anne Bradstreet was almost one of the Pilgrims. No seriously—she was. She emigrated to America from England in 1630 (when she was 18). (Source.)

Bradstreet was kind of a genius. Okay, she wasn’t Einstein, but she was definitely very, very well read. She could read several languages, and her library reportedly contained over 800 books. (Source.)

The exact location of Bradstreet’s bones remains uncertain. Hmm, somebody could write a good horror story about Bradstreet’s ghost searching for its final resting place, eh? (Source.)

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