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The Awakening

The Awakening


by Kate Chopin

Adele Ratignolle Timeline and Summary

  • Adele does not appear in the novel until Chapter Four. She and Edna hang out at Edna’s cottage while Adele works on sewing a pair of winter night drawers for one of her children.
  • Adele chooses a bonbon as she banters with Robert.
  • Another day, Adele and Edna go to the beach together.
  • Adele is wearing a pure white ruffly dress that flutters in the wind, as well as a gauze veil wrapped around head to keep the sun off.
  • Adele and Edna sit on the beach together and look around at everything.
  • Adele listens to Edna talk about girlhood and marriage. She is sympathetic and strokes Edna’s hand.
  • After Robert shows up at the beach, Adele asks him to walk her back.
  • Adele tells Robert to leave Edna alone.
  • Robert asks if she jealous. Adele denies this.
  • Adele points out that Edna is not Creole and will probably take Robert’s attentions seriously.
  • Adele explains that if anyone thought Robert’s flirtations were serious, he wouldn’t be allowed to spend time with married women.
  • The subject is dropped and Robert leaves Adele at her cottage. She accepts a cup of bouillon from him before he goes.
  • A few weeks later, Adele attends the dinner party at Madame Lebrun’s big house.
  • Adele can’t dance because she is pregnant, so she plays the piano to entertain the others.
  • She joins the others when they go to the beach after the party.
  • Some time later, Adele watches over Edna’s children while Edna goes to Cheniere with Robert.
  • When Edna returns, Adele tells Edna that her son, Etienne, had been naughty and unwilling to go to bed.
  • After Robert’s announcement that he is leaving for Mexico, Adele goes to Edna’s room and suggests that she come back to the dinner party, so as not to appear unfriendly.
  • Adele goes back to the party by herself.
  • Edna tells Adele that she would never give up her sense of self, but Adele doesn’t quite understand.
  • When Edna brings her sketches to Adele’s house, Adele tells her that her work is wonderful.
  • Adele invites Edna to eat dinner with her and her husband.
  • Later, Adele visits Edna. Adele is very pregnant by this time, near her due date.
  • Adele talks with Edna about Edna’s dinner, asks about Edna’s new little house, and extracts a promise from Edna to be by her side when she delivers.
  • Adele warns Edna that people are talking about Arobin’s constant presence at Edna’s house. She comments on Arobin’s awful reputation and his ability to ruin a woman’s reputation as well.
  • Shortly after, Adele leaves.
  • When her contractions start, Adele sends for Edna.
  • When Edna gets to Adele’s house, Adele is in labor and suffering greatly.
  • Doctor Mandelet arrives and he and Edna attend to Adele.
  • Edna stays with Adele, and when it’s over, says good-by and kisses Adele on the forehead.
  • As Edna leaves, Adele tells her to think of the children.