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The Awakening

The Awakening


by Kate Chopin

The Awakening Chapter 11 Summary

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  • Mr. Pontellier comes home to find Edna still lying in the hammock.
  • He suggests that she come inside. It’s past one in the morning.
  • When she still refuses to go inside, he repeats his request, finally putting on his best authoritative voice and commanding her to go inside.
  • Edna uncharacteristically continues to defy her husband’s wishes. She wonders why she ever used to acquiesce.
  • Mr. Pontellier finally goes back inside, pours himself a glass of wine and grabs a few cigars. He takes the wine and cigars outside.
  • He offers Edna some wine. After she refuses, he sits down beside her to drink his own wine, and then smokes several cigars.
  • Edna finally grows stiff from lying in the hammock; she totters into the house and asks if he’s coming.
  • The answer is no. Mr. Pontellier does as he pleases.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 11

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