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The Awakening

The Awakening


by Kate Chopin

The Awakening Chapter 13 Summary

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  • During the service, Edna begins to get a headache.
  • She and Robert leave.
  • Robert takes her to Madame Antoine’s house. Edna loosens her hair and clothes and rests on Madame Antoine’s big white bed.
  • When she wakes up it is late afternoon.
  • She washes herself at the basin and looks out the window.
  • Robert is sitting outside reading a book.
  • Edna goes downstairs, eats the bread and drinks the wine that is sitting out on the table, and then heads outdoors.
  • She picks an orange from an orange tree and tosses it at Robert, who is happy to see her.
  • Edna says she feels like she has slept for years.
  • Robert teases her that she has been asleep for one hundred years and informs her that everyone else has left, but that he will take her back home in Tonie’s boat.
  • She and Robert sit under the orange tree until the sun goes down. Robert occasionally touches the hem of her gown.
  • Madame Antoine sits there with them, or nearby, at least, telling stories.
  • Once again, nothing really happens between Edna and Robert, even though they’ve spent the whole day together.
  • Finally, when the moon comes up, Edna and Robert step into Tonie’s boat and begin the journey toward home.

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 13

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