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The Awakening

The Awakening


by Kate Chopin

The Awakening Chapter 18 Summary

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  • Mr. Pontellier tries to get Edna to accompany him to pick out new furnishings for their library.
  • Edna refuses.
  • Lately, Edna has lost interest in almost every activity.
  • Finally, she decides to gather her sketches and visit Adele, who lives nearby.
  • When she gets to Adele’s house, Adele looks beautiful, as always.
  • Edna shows her sketches, then stays to eat dinner with Adele and her husband.
  • Edna observes their contentment together, but finds the whole conjugal bliss situation rather boring.
  • She thinks to herself that Adele leads a sort of colorless existence in which she will never experience a moment of anguish, but will also never "taste of life’s delirium."
  • Then she wonders in her own mind what she means by "life’s delirium," and isn’t quite sure.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 18

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