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The Awakening

The Awakening


by Kate Chopin

The Awakening Chapter 2 Summary

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  • We are offered a description of Edna. She’s attractive.
  • Robert is also attractive.
  • Robert rolls a cigarette (cigars are out of his price range).
  • Strangely enough, however, he has a cigar in his pocket.
  • Turns out this cigar is from Mr. Pontellier. Robert plans to enjoy it after dinner.
  • Edna fans herself; Robert smokes.
  • They chat about their afternoon together.
  • Robert talks a lot. He tells Edna about his plan to travel to Mexico in the fall.
  • Robert is spending the summer at Grand Isle with his mother, Madame Lebrun. She runs the resort (which consists of a large main house and a dozen or more cottages).
  • Edna reminisces about her girlhood home in the Kentucky bluegrass country.
  • Edna reads a letter from her sister out loud (while Robert listens); the letter reveals her sister is engaged to be married.
  • Edna voices doubt that Mr. Pontellier will be coming back for dinner. Robert agrees with her.
  • Edna goes inside to dress for dinner.
  • Robert wanders off to entertain himself.
  • He ends up playing with the Pontellier children, Raoul and Etienne. The two boys are fond of him.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 2

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