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The Awakening

The Awakening


by Kate Chopin

The Awakening Chapter 21 Summary

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  • Edna finally makes it to Mademoiselle Reisz’s house.
  • Mademoiselle Reisz seems glad to see Edna and tells her that she has received a letter from Robert.
  • (Everyone seems to get letters from Robert except Edna.)
  • Mademoiselle Reisz admits that the letter was about Edna from beginning to end.
  • Obviously, Edna is dying to read it.
  • At first Mademoiselle Reisz won’t let her read the letter, but then they have a conversation about the courage required to be an artist.
  • Mademoiselle Reisz finally hands over the letter.
  • Edna reads it while Mademoiselle Reisz plays the piano.
  • Edna sobs as she reads the letter, and later, when she prepares to leave, she asks Mademoiselle Reisz if she can come again.
  • Mademoiselle Reisz says that Edna has an open invitation.
  • Mademoiselle Reisz seems to genuinely like Edna and doesn’t think she’s crazy, which is a nice change for Edna.

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 21

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