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The Awakening

The Awakening


by Kate Chopin

The Awakening Chapter 32 Summary

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  • When Mr. Pontellier receives Edna’s letter telling him about her planned move, he immediately writes back expressing his disapproval.
  • Realizing that she’s probably going to do it anyway, he comes up with a plan to save their reputation.
  • He arranges with an architect to have some work done on the big house.
  • He puts a notice in the paper saying that the Pontelliers are planning a trip abroad and with the renovations that are being done on their house, it won’t be ready for occupancy until their return.
  • This explains to the general public why Edna is living in the small house, making her move appear less scandalous.
  • Edna admires the skill of his maneuver and goes along with it.
  • Edna likes living in the small house and after several days there, she feels happier and decides to go visit her children in Iberville.
  • She has a wonderful time with them there, and she tells them how the big house is being renovated.
  • They are full of questions and wish to see the small house where Edna now lives.
  • After a week, Edna goes back home. Throughout the journey home their presence lingers with her, but by the time she reaches home, she feels alone again.

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 32

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