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The Awakening

The Awakening


by Kate Chopin

The Awakening Chapter 35 Summary

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  • In the morning, Edna tries to convince herself that things are better (or will be better) with Robert than they were the night before.
  • If he really loves her, she tells herself, he will come to her.
  • But she can’t stop thinking about him.
  • The maid brings her a note from her son Raoul. He wants bonbons, and he tells her that ten tiny pigs have been born to his grandmother’s pig, Lidie.
  • A letter also comes from Edna’s husband saying he will be back in early March.
  • Then she gets a note from Arobin. It’s a "good morning!" note. It assures her of his devotion.
  • She replies to her husband. It’s a friendly note, but full of all sorts of evasions.
  • Edna puts Arobin’s note under the stove lid.
  • Robert does not visit.
  • Two days go by.
  • Arobin comes to her house and insists on taking her for a drive. He seems to feel very strongly about her.
  • Arobin’s desire for Edna is intensifying.
  • Edna, however, feels nothing.

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 35

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