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The Awakening

The Awakening


by Kate Chopin

The Awakening Chapter 5 Summary

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  • For the past eleven years (since he was fifteen), Robert has spent every summer devoted to a woman (usually a married woman).
  • This summer, Edna is the recipient of Robert’s affections. So far, they’ve only flirted, which none of the spectators take seriously.
  • We learn that Creole husbands are never jealous anyway.
  • Edna finally gets up from the steps to work on a sketch – she has been dabbling with art in an unprofessional way and really enjoys it.
  • She tries to sketch a picture of Adele, but doesn’t like the result and crumples it up.
  • As evening draws near, Adele gathers up her things and heads for home.
  • Edna watches as Adele floats down the path like an angel in her white dress as her children run to greet her.
  • Robert asks Edna if she plans to go swimming.
  • Edna says no, that she is too tired, but Robert says: "Come on. Let’s go!" (Well, something like that.)
  • He convinces her that the water will not hurt her.
  • Edna allows herself to be convinced (she obviously likes Robert even though she hasn’t admitted it yet) and she accompanies Robert to the beach.

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 5

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