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The Cay

The Cay


by Theodore Taylor

The Cay Chapter 15 Summary

  • The sun goes down and the air is hot and heavy. A breeze begins to ripple and then clouds gather. Well after dark the rain comes, and then the wind picks up.
  • Lizards soon storm the hut to get out of the rain, and Phillip gets a little freaked out.
  • It's storming big-time now. The surf crashes against the hut. Eventually the hut blows away.
  • Timothy covers Phillip's body and Stew Cat's as well. The storm washes over them for almost two hours.
  • Eventually Timothy takes Phillip to the palm and lashes the two of them to the tree. Timothy's body takes the full force of the storm, but Phillip can still feel the rain.
  • The raging rain stops for a bit as the eye of the hurricane passes, and the two sit on the ground. Timothy's voice is hoarse. He's cradling his head and making hurt noises.
  • The rain and storm start back up again, and they're back clinging to the palm. The water crashes over them and Phillip blacks out.
  • When Phillip comes to, Timothy is cold and limp, but breathing. Stew Cat is gone.
  • Phillip works for a long time to pull the knots loose that hold Timothy to the tree. He gets him free and then holds his hand.
  • Timothy is weak and can barely speak, but asks if Phillip is OK.
  • Phillip touches Timothy's back and can tell that he's been cut badly by the wind and sea. Both of them are completely naked, their clothes torn from them. Timothy is bleeding, but there's no way to stop it.
  • Phillip falls asleep. When he wakes up, Timothy doesn't answer him. Timothy is dead.
  • Phillip is beyond tears. He goes back to sleep, but when he wakes, he hears a meow. It's Stew Cat. He holds him and cries.
  • Phillip is now "blind and alone on a forgotten cay" (15.45).

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