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The Cay

The Cay


by Theodore Taylor

The Cay Chapter 16 Summary

  • Phillip digs a grave for Timothy. He is a little angry at his friend for leaving him all alone, but after some reflection he recognizes the sacrifices Timothy made for him.
  • Somehow, Phillip's blindness helps him accept his loss. He buries Timothy and thanks him.
  • Then Phillip begins the huge task of putting everything back in order: he unlashes the keg, cleans the debris up, and makes a bed of palm fronds. He begins to understand why Timothy spent so much time training him to move around the reef.
  • Phillip also finds a bunch of fishing poles that Timothy has lashed to a tree for him.
  • The birds start returning to the island, and Phillip continues the clean up. One day he wanders into the birds' new nesting grounds and is attacked by them. Stew Cat defends him and kills the birds. Phillip doesn't blame them for defending their home. "They were fighting for survival after the storm, just as I was" (16.33).

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