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The Cay

The Cay


by Theodore Taylor

The Cay Chapter 17 Summary

  • Ten pebbles go into the time can, and Phillip is sick of eating fish. He decides to go down to the fishing hole to search for langosta (lobster).
  • He sharpens a stick and heads to the reef with Stew Cat. He explores the reef for a while and then dives for real. On his first try, he catches a lobster – hot diggity dog!
  • Phillip dives several more times, but with no luck. He decides to give it one more shot, and when he goes down he finds a hole that he thinks a lobster is probably hiding in.
  • Phillip dives for the hole once more, and something strong and painful latches on to his arm. He breaks free to the surface, and the creature unlatches from his hand.
  • Back on shore, Phillip's wrist is bleeding, but not badly. The teeth went deep, though. Later Phillip figures out it was probably a moray eel that grabbed him.
  • He never goes diving in the fishing hole again.

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